Shelter x Highs and Lows TABLE SOUR

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Our first limited release of the year, the SHELTER x HIGHS AND LOWS TABLE SOUR is the everyday, everywhere sour.

Produced and released in collaboration with our friends at Highs and Lows, the Table Sour is a modern take on an old style. Traditionally it would be shared around the lunch or dinner table after a hard day’s work; our Table Sour is for the iconic community events that make up the Australian Summer - park picnics, beach BBQs, family lunches, lazy days in front of the cricket, music festivals and more.

It presents a harmony of fruit, herb and spice flavours and aromas. Local stone fruit shines amidst guava, cinnamon, rosemary and orange peel characters and an acidic kiwi tang. The local saltbush dry hop brings a herbaceous touch to this perfectly-balanced, well-bodied beer.