COUNTDOWN with Shelter

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We're turning our upstairs event space into a funhouse and the perfect place to crash for the day as the best beers and tunes of the year are listed off. We'll be crossing our fingers and hoping to see Shelter Pale Ale crack the GABS list for the first time!

We're starting off the day with a dip and drip at 9am. For those playing along at home, that's a swim by the jetty followed by coffees on us to start the day right. 

Then we'll be moving up to the funhouse to move onto the hard stuff. The brewers will be behind the BBQ cooking your lunch, while the countdowns kicks off and we get to figuring out the table tennis champ. 

All are welcome and it's a free event - drop in and drop out throughout the event. RSVP below and we'll shout you a beer on the day!


Two people drinking beer in a beer garden