Shelter Brewing Co.


Shelter Brewing Co. is the brewery on the Busselton foreshore. Shelter was created by two families that want to add something iconic to their hometown and show the best of Busselton to the world in the form of beer.

We think Busselton is the best place in the world. From the clear blue water and golden sunsets to the friendly faces and top notch breweries, you can’t beat Busselton.

It’s WA’s favourite seaside holiday town, and we get to call it home. And we love sharing our town, our beaches and beers with, visitors and those who drink Shelter anywhere around the world.

We use the best available ingredients to brew premium beers that complement your day. Everything we brew is clean, crisp and uncomplicated, and we have a broad range with something for every tastebud.

If you’d like to know more about Shelter, Busselton, or our beers, drop your details in below and we’ll be in touch.