Beers With BackChat: BackChat Ale Launch

Beers With BackChat
The Ashby Bar & Bistro
13 July from 6.30pm

BackChat Ale promotional banner


The BackChat Ale is the beer for during and after the game. 

It's one for the terrible tipsters and backyard Brownlow medallists. It's to celebrate the wins and get through the losses. 

And we're putting on a few beers to launch it into this world. Knock one off the wood with Will and Dan from BackChat and the crew from Shelter to celebrate the BackChat Ale.

Here's the deal

Get to The Ashby on Thursday 13 July. Will and Dan from BackChat will be there, along with the crew from Shelter. We'll shout you a few beers, talk a bit of dribble and enjoy one of Perth's best pub meals.

About the beer

The BackChat Ale is a classic Australia pale, a beer you don't have to think too hard about. It has a touch of fruit and a light, bitter finish, resulting in a very drinkable, very "beery" beer that will keep you going back for more.

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