Sustainability and Environment

We're here for a good time and a long time. 
We're trying to do our bit to minimise our impact on the environment.

 Something for future generations

The Credaro and Packard-Hair families, who own and operate Shelter, have called Busselton and surrounds home for over 100 years. They, as well as anyone, understand the importance of this land, water and air that we call home and thousands of others call their favourite holiday spot. 

We want to make sure generations to come experience the beauty, produce and lifestyle this generous land affords us. 

So what are we doing?

Harnessing the power of the sun
The big ticket item is the 100 kilowatt solar system on the roof at Shelter. This provides a tick over 70 per cent of the energy requirements for the brewery and the venue.

Responsible waste disposal
All spent grain, a by-product of the brewing process, is sent off to local farms for cattle feed or composted at local orchards. 

Green waste from the kitchen is taken home by our Head Chef Julian, who composts most of it and feeds the rest to his chooks. Local farmers pick up spent grain from the brewing process, the cows love it!

Environmentally-friendly brewery features
Our brewery has a few nice bits of kit that reduce its impact on the environment, including:

  • Four vessel clean-in-place cart lowers chemical and water usage
  • The hot liquor tank is heated via an external steam heat exchange for improved heating efficiency
  • A nitrogen generator is used for pre-purging brite tanks
  • Spunding valves to naturally carbonate beers during fermentation
  • Bulk malt handling to reduce smaller volume packaging.

Sustainable seafood
Seafood heavily features on the menu here at Shelter. Not only is it delicious, but it's all sustainably sourced from Australian waters.

Less plastic
The kitchen legends use an amazing product called Great Wrap. It's just like your average plastic cling wrap except... it's not plastic! Great Wrap is fully compostable, meaning it breaks down into carbon and water leaving no toxins behind.